Saturday, June 23, 2007

Odds and Ends

First, DraftBuzz would like to apologize to everyone who expected real time commentary on the draft. Unexpected heavy traffic hindered our ability to post and modify new additions to the website and as a result we could not comment on the draft as originally planned.

We are truly sorry, and again apologize to everyone.

Second, DraftBuzz would also like to thank everyone who sent compliments, comments, and/or kept us busy with draft chat through e-mail, all linked websites and bloggers who put trust in our ability to sustain a reliable scouting site, and all the committed "DraftBuzz" followers who helped make this site a joy to watch grow!

Speaking of growth, is moving to an official .com in the near future ( and is contemplating releasing a complete 2008 Draft Guide Magazine (next May/June) and possibly even a Mid-Season/Half year report (January).

We hope everyone enjoyed the draft as much as we did, and is looking forward to the 2007-2008 prospect tracking season! DraftBuzz will take a much needed respite from the heavy work of the past month or so, but will be back shortly (mid-July at the latest) with an exciting look at next year's draft eligibles.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

DraftBuzz 31-100 Ranking

31. PK Subban D (CAN)
32. Dana Tyrell F (CAN)
33. Brandon Sutter F (CAN)
34. Angelo Esposito F (CAN)
35. Patrick White F (USA)
36. Drayson Bowman F (CAN)
37. Aaron Palushaj F (USA)
38. Jeremy Smith G (CAN)
39. Riley Nash F (CAN)
40. Nick Ross D (CAN)
41. Nichlas Torp D (SWE)
42. Michal Repik F (CZE)
43. Ruslan Bashkirov F (RUS)
44. Zach Torquato F (CAN)
45. T.J. Brennan D (USA)
46. Jim O’Brien F/D (USA)
47. Josh Kidd D (CAN)
48. Simon Lacroix D (CAN)
49. Kent Patterson G (USA)
50. Olivier Fortier F (CAN)
51. Ian Cole D (USA)
52. TJ Galiardi F (USA)
53. Juraj Valach D (CZE)
54. Nick Larson F (USA)
55. Spencer Machacek F (CAN)
56. Joel Gistedt G (SWE)
57. Drew MacKenzie D (USA)
58. Brendan Smith D (CAN)
59. Mario Kempe F (SWE)
60. Teddy Ruth D (USA)
61. Luca Caputi F (CAN)
62. Mark Katic D (CAN)
63. Maxime Gratchev F (USA/RUS)
64. Ben Ryan F (USA)
65. Kurtis Mucha G (CAN)
66. Nico Sacchetti F (USA)
67. Nick Spaling F (CAN)
68. Michael Dorr F (USA)
69. Harri Ilvonen D (FIN)
70. Colton Sceviour F (CAN)
71. David Skokan F (CZE)
72. Will Weber D (USA)
73. Jake Hansen F (USA)
74. Vladimir Ruzicka F (CZE)
75. Brad Malone F (USA)
76. Casey Pierro-Zabotel F (CAN)
77. Tyson Sexsmith G (CAN)
78.Justin Vaive F (USA)
79. Nick Bonino F (USA)
80. Maxim Goncharov D (RUS)
81. Matt Marshall F (USA)
82. Luca Cunti F (SUI)
83. Mike Hoeffel F (USA)
84. Eric Tangradi F (USA)
85. Martin Ylven F (NOR)
86. Eric Doyle D (CAN)
87. Colby Cohen D (USA)
88. Linus Omark F (SWE)
89. Aaron Alphonso F (CAN)
90. Ben Blood D (USA)
91. Maxime Tanguay F (CAN)
92. Sebastien Erixon D (SWE)
93. Denis Reul D (GER)
94. Sergei Korostin F (RUS)
95. Nick Palmieri F (USA)
96. Joakim Andersson F (SWE)
97. CA Messier F (CAN)
98. Trevor Cann G (CAN)
99. Alex Plante D (CAN)
100. Paul Thompson F (USA)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

DraftBuzz 2nd Round Mock Draft

31. Buffalo Sabres - Brett MacLean - Wing - Oshawa Generals
~With their first selection coming this late in the early second round, Buffalo jumps on one of the draft's biggest goal scorers and possible BPA with the lumbering winger from Oshawa. MacLean is a pretty solid guy at 6'1'' 200 lbs, and Buffalo will look forward to introducing a young power winger who hopefully follows the same footsteps as Vanek. They have pretty good defensive prospect depth, allowing them to pass on Tommy Cross who was the other consideration at this pick.
32. Phoenix - PK Subban - Defense - Belleville Bulls
~After selecting two exciting scoring wingers in Van Riemsdyk and Hjalmarsson, Phoenix opts to add another offensive threat this time on the blueline. Subban has great individual talents like shooting, skating, and puckhandling, and offers the Coyotes a skilled defender to grow alongside more brawny, less dynamic defenders like Jones, Summers, and Stephenson. Phoenix could look at the all round Swede, Nichlas Torp here as well.
33. Vancouver Canucks - Brandon Sutter - Center - Red Deer Rebels
~After a hard decision to go with MacMillan at the 25th overall, Vancouver is rewarded with great timing and forecasting. Adding MacMillan stopped the bleeding for the Canucks who had abysmal prospect depth down the middle, and Sutter now helps strengthen that concern even more. Sutter is a bit more skilled than MacMillan with softer hands and greater playmaking and anticipation, but he's a bigger risk. If he puts his tools all together, we could see a 6'3'' 200+ two way Canuck with underrated hands a few years down the line. Patrick White could be a second option to Sutter.
34. Washington Capitals - Riley Nash - Center - Salmon Arm Silverbacks
~With another second round pick at their hands at 46, Washington does not hesitate to add another forward with skill. Nash is just the guy they wanted; he will offer the Capitals a slick playmaker to hopefully one day place in the middle of Semin and/or Cherepanov. Nash will need some time to establish himself and grow into his tall, lanky frame at Cornell but with Backstrom, Nash, and Gillies, Washington looks to have a healthy 1-2-3 punch down the middle. Nichlas Torp could be an intriguing option to add a steady, two way blueliner to incongruent group of defense prospects.
35. Chicago Blackhawks - Dana Tyrell - Left Wing - Prince George Cougars
~With a loaded prospect pool that hosts a lot of personalities, one personality that should help bring them altogether will come from Dana Tyrell. Tyrell is a heart and soul competitor on the ice who has unmatched dedication to fitness off the ice. He has great character, and most importantly great speed to keep up with future Blackhawk stars. Tyrell looks like he will at the very least have the complimentary speed and hands to keep up with talented 2nd/3rd line teammates like Bolland/Skille. With great center and right wing prospect depth, Tyrell will help the light left side greatly. Chicago could entertain selecting the best goaltender in the draft in Jeremy Smith or big hard working winger like Spencer Machacek.
36. Edmonton - Ruslan Bashkirov - Wing - Quebec Remparts
~Edmonton is up again and this time has confidence in their defensive depth thanks to the previous selections of Kevin Shattenkirk and Kevin Marshall. Because of this, the Oilers will elect to pass on Tommy Cross and take the strong Russian who has a beautiful release. His shot is quick and tricky, but he needs to improve his acceleration to better use it in all areas of the ice. Edmonton needs some goal scorers from the wing especially so Bashkirov could be a welcomed selection here at 36.
37. Columbus - Patrick White - Center - Grand Rapids HS
~After feeling a little guilty about passing over Sam Gagner for the blossoming yank defenseman McDonagh, a gift by the name of Patrick White falls into their laps in the second round. White is a great value pick this late and gives Columbus another forward to look forward to. He is a goal scorer with solid skating and puck skills. As for other options, Columbus could add another defenseman in Tommy Cross.
38. Boston Bruins - Tommy Cross - Defense - USHSE
~The 2007 draft has shaped up to be one run by the best player available philosophy after stealing Sam Gagner for the Bruins. Playing for Westminster, Boston has likely had a good look at the all around, big American blueliner. Just acquiring a hulk in McQuaid may make the Bruins look to another style of blueliner, possibly Valach or Brennan, but they cannot pass on Cross here. The problem of having an abundance of big, steady but not too offensive blueliners (Alberts, Stuart, McQuaid) will sort itself out over time, and the Bruins are just pleased to see Cross slip to them.
39. St. Louis Blues - Nichlas Torp - Defense - Sweden Jr.
~Whoever said this was a weak draft must have been jealous that STL owned four picks within the first 40 selections. STL has hit every area of weakness skater wise in their system with the selections of Blum, Mayorov, Legein, and now Torp. Torp is one of those savvy Swedish blueliners who can do everything well; he is a leader as well and exudes a calming influence when he's on the ice. STL now has built a defensive wall with Johnson, Blum, and Torp to place around Schwarz/Bishop.
40. Florida – Jeremy Smith - Goaltender - Plymouth Whalers
~After taking the athletic defender Petrecki with their 10th overall selection, Florida gets themselves a bluechip goaltender prospect - or atleast the number one rated overall in the draft. With a goalie like Smith now in their system, Florida can relax a little and watch him develop. Another defender like Ian Cole could be a decent option instead.
41. San Jose Sharks - Alex Killorn - Center - USHSE
~San Jose is without a first round pick this year, so they will most likely wait for the best player available to fall to them at their second rounder. Talent wise the draft becomes a bit fuzzy starting at this point. Accordingly, we see the big, powerful center Killorn being a great option for the Sharks at their first pick in the 2007 entry draft. He offers a big body, with a great shot and good raw upside. Whether he plays another year of HS Prep or jumps to the USHL next year remains to be seen, but he will play for Harvard in 2008.
42. Minnesota Wild - Ted Ruth - Defense - NTDP
~With pretty good forward depth, Minnesota goes the route of a defenseman again. With the last pick of Hickey, the Wild added a smooth two way blueliner who leans to being more offensive. With the selection of Ruth, they get a stay at home defenseman who prides himself on taking care of the play in his own zone. Ruth is a very simple player and gives Minnesota a defense prospect they can count on unlike Thelen for instance. Although it is unclear how much his offensive game will improve, Ruth is a good bet to make it as a reliable bottom pairing defenseman.
43. Montreal Canadiens - Juraj Valach - Defense - Tri City Americans
~Montreal shoots for the stars again with the selection another project pick who is a monstrous puck mover in Juraj Valach. They definately are not scared to roll the dice on the slick puckhandler and opportunistic Czech import who played well this past season in the Dub. Montreal needs to add an offensive defenseman this coming draft, so they could entertain players like Cole and Brennan here as well.
44. Toronto Maple Leafs - Joakim Andersson - Center - Frolunda
~With their second round pick, Toronto adds a center to a forward prospect pool that needs another top end talent or two. Already having drafted Ellerby, the Leafs are happy to see the effective two way centerman still on the board. Andersson is a complete player if you do not care about his skating, but his quickness, agility, and straight line skating need some serious work. He is in the same boat as players like MacLean and Bonino, but with some hard work the Leafs hope he overcomes this problem. If for some reason the Leafs see Jarkko Immonen in Andersson, who was easily let go in a trade for Brian Leetch and is a similar subpar skater with good skill, they may take the route of slick center Galiardi or power winger Tangradi.
45. Colorado Avalanche - T.J. Galiardi - Center - Dartmouth
~Pick number 45 starts the second round fun for the Avalanche as they have three second rounders in total. Thus, they jump on the chance to draft T.J. Galiardi, who is a fluid skater and constant offensive presence, feeling some heat from Tampa Bay who looks to need any solid forward with a pulse. Just like Perron, Galiardi is an '88 and a year older than most of the prospects available. However, Colorado likes the fact that he played with a Colorado draft pick in David Jones, and likes Galiardi's ability to create offense.
46. Washington Capitals - Nick Ross - Defense - Regina Pats
47. Tampa Bay Lightning - Zach Torquato - Center - Saginaw Spirit
48. New York Rangers - Kent Patterson - Goalie - Cedar Rapids Rough Riders
49. Colorado Avalanche - Joel Gistedt - Goalie - Sweden Jr.
50. Dallas Stars - Olivier Fortier - Center - Rimouski Oceanic
51. Pittsburgh Penguins - Maxime Gratchev - Left Wing - Rimouski Oceanic
52. Los Angeles Kings - Brendan Smith - Defense - St. Michael's Buzzers
53. Columbus Blue Jackets - Ian Cole - Defense - NTDP
54. Nashville Predators - Nico Sacchetti - Center - USHSW
55. Colorado Avalanche - Drew MacKenzie - Defense - USHSE
56. Vancouver Canucks - Jim O'Brien - Center/Defense - Minnesota Gophers
57. New Jersey Devils - Drayson Bowman - Left Wing - Spokane Chiefs
58. Florida Panthers - T.J. Brennan - Defense - St. John's
59. Buffalo Sabres - Josh Kidd - Defense - Erie Otters
60. Ottawa Senators - Kurtis Mucha - Goalie - Portland Winterhawks
61. Vancouver Canucks - Aaron Palushaj - Right Wing - Des Moines Buccaneers