Tuesday, May 15, 2007

DraftBuzz's May Top 30 Ranking

Here is DraftBuzz's list of the top 30 draft-eligible prospects for the NHL's 2007 Entry Draft:

(1) Patrick Kane ----------RW------London (OHL)--------5-10/160
(2) Jakub Voracek --------RW------Halifax (QMJHL)-----6-1/190
(3) Kyle Turris ------------C--------Burnaby (BCHL)------6-1/170
(4) Sam Gagner -----------C--------London (OHL)--------5-11/191
(5) James vanRiemsdyk --LW/C---NTDP (USA)---------6-3/200
(6) Karl Alzner ------------D--------Calgary (WHL)-------6-2/206
(7) Alexei Cherepanov ----RW------Avangard (RUS)------6-1/183
(8) Zach Hamill -----------C---------Everett (WHL)------5-11/180
(9) Lars Eller --------------C---------Frolunda (SWE)-----6-1/198
(10) Thomas Hickey ------D---------Seattle (WHL)-------5-11/182
(11) Billy Sweatt --------LW--Colorado College (WCHA)--6-0/180
(12) Ryan McDonagh -----D---Cretin-Derham (USHS)----6-1/200
(13) Mikael Backlund ----C--------Vasteras (SWE)-------6-0/194
(14) Oscar Moller ---------RW---Chilliwack (WHL)-----5-11/179
(15) Nick Petrecki --------D--------Omaha (USHL)-------6-3/213
(16) Logan Couture ------C---------Ottawa (OHL)--------6-1/195
(17) Colton Gillies --------C--------Saskatoon (WHL)-----6-4/189
(18) David Perron --------C/RW----Lewiston (QMJHL)---6-0/180
(19) Dana Tyrell --------C/W-------Prince George (WHL)-5-10/185
(20) Maxim Mayorov ----LW/RW--Leninogorsk (RUS)----6-2/187
(21) Kevin Shattenkirk --D---------NTDP (USA)----------5-11/193
(22) Jeremy Smith -----G----------Plymouth (OHL)-------6-0/160
(23) Patrick White ------LW/C-----Grand Rapids (USHS)--6-1/186
(24) Logan MacMillan ---C---------Halifax (QMJHL) -----6-1/172
(25) James O’Brien -------C--------Minnesota (WCHA)-----6-2/184
(26) Simon Hjalmarsson -LW/RW-Frolunda (SWE)-------5-11/161
(27) Angelo Esposito ------C-------Quebec (QMJHL)------6-1/180
(28) Max Pacioretty ------LW------Sioux City (USHL)-----6-2/203
(29) Keaton Ellerby ------D--------Kamloops (WHL)-------6-4/186
(30) Stefan Legein -------RW------Mississauga (OHL)-----5-9/170


Darren said...

Nice work on the top 30 and particularly the individual player profiles. I guess you think Billy Sweatt has the offensive ability to play on an NHL scoring line? I look forward to further updates.

Anonymous said...

Out to lunch on Ellerby. He's a top 12 pick. Size, skating, and mega upside.

Scoutman said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment! These two players, Sweatt and Ellerby, are great examples of projection. Sweatt's speed and rounded game translates well to the pro game, but there are concerns about his offense. DraftBuzz has no problem projecting that part of his game and thinks he has the sense and skills to stand out offensively in the near future.

On the other hand, we are just not as willing to project Ellerby the same. Big defenders like Coburn, who flashed the same skills at the same age, are having trouble adapting to the pro game. DraftBuzz just thinks he needed to assert himself a little more this past season to deserve a higher ranking. We see the parts: the fluidness of his skating, the size, the hands, but he just didn't consistently show us he was on another level. That said, a guy like Ellerby is ripe to prove us wrong next year and show us he deserved a higher ranking.

Darren said...

What separates WHL defensemen Hickey (ranked 10th) and Blum (out of the top 30) in your eyes?

Scoutman said...

Darren, great questions! I can definately see where you are coming from with them.

One of the things not documented in a journalistic piece or a bare bones report on a player, is the feeling you get when watching a player. With Blum, there's this nagging gut instinct that Blum's game will not carry over to the NHL. He's not the biggest guy, pretty quick on his skates but a very stiff skater, not very physical, not a standout defender by any stretch, though he has very good hands and can make some moves. He needs alot of work, to distinguish that he's not the next Mike Mottau.

On the other hand, Hickey reminds us of a mix between Ballard and Meszaros. We see the same natural ability in Hickey. A very good skater, can move the puck,good hands, and has some bite to his game. He's just a solid pro prospect and DraftBuzz would like to see what he could do when he adds strength and maturity.

Darren said...

Thanks a lot for your responses, I enjoy the site. This Max Pacioretty guy is getting a lot of praise recently and seems to be shooting up the rankings. Blake Wheeler-esque perhaps? I'm looking forward to seeing David Perron at the Mem Cup, it should be big for his draft stock.

Anthony said...

Darren, Wheeler is actually not a bad comparison for Pacioretty. Pacioretty shows to have the same tantalizing blend of size (albeit not as big), skill, and upside.

From one of our viewers, he has this tidbit to say about Perron: "Unfortunately, Perron took
a bit of fall with me after hearing him being interviewed on a local radio station. I do value character and he seems to be blaming a lot of people for
his late development." Take what you want from that, but with the intensive NHL combine interviews on the horizon, he may turn some executives off.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances Max Pacioretty making the U-20 team next year?

Anonymous said...