Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ryan McDonagh Q & A

DraftBuzz was able to catch up with Wisconsin recruit Ryan McDonagh before his departure for the NHL combine. In one of his most recent achievements, Ryan was crowned the 2007 Minnesota Mr. Hockey, which is an award given annually to the top senior high school player in the state. With each passing day, Ryan is looking like a top 15 lock and has a great shot at going top ten on June 22nd.

DB: What is your current height and weight?

RM: 6’1’’ 200 lbs

DB: Your well-rounded game and steady play are well documented in the scouting community, but how else would you describe your playing style? Is there a specific player you like to mold your game after?

RM: I’d like to be a guy that can be counted on to play strong defense late in a game to hold on to a lead. Someone who can also run a power play and be a contributor on the penalty kill as well. I’d like to be a player that my teammates can count on when I’m out on the ice.

DB: Not necessarily weaknesses, but what is something you hope to improve on next year?

RM: Becoming a stronger skater and improving my quick decision making skills.

DB: What have you done to prepare for the upcoming NHL combine? Have you focused specifically on improving interviewing skills and fitness training the past month or so?

RM: I’ve been doing a little bit of everything. Working out and conditioning for it has been the most important I’d say because I feel the interviewing process is all about being yourself and being honest with what you say about yourself and others.

DB: In your estimation, what teams and representatives have shown the most interest in you?

RM: I know that Minnesota is interested along with Columbus and St. Louis.

DB: Who has been the most challenging forward to play against in your hockey career so far?

RM: James Van Riemsdyk is a tough forward to play against. He is big and can skate very well for his size.

DB: If you could pick an NHL defender past or present to play on a pairing with, who would he be and why?

RM: I think it would be fun to be paired with Phil Housley or Bobby Orr because it would be fun to give them the puck and watch them make great plays and score great goals.

DB: What are your plans for this summer? Do you plan on training this summer in the weight room and on ice or will you take a break?

RM: I plan on working out a lot and skating whenever I can. I plan to get down to Wisconsin to start training with the team sometime in July.

DB: Do you have any plans on what field you would like to study or pursue academically in your time at Wisconsin?

RM: Something with Business maybe or Economics. I haven’t made up my mind yet though.

DraftBuzz would like to thank Ryan for his time and wishes him a happy, successful Draft Day.

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rick1042 said...

I would be suprised if he was still available when Minnesota picks, but I am not surprised by the interest shown by Columbus and St-Louis.