Friday, May 11, 2007

Draft Rumors: PHO/NYR Swap?

"The Coyotes have a new owner, a perennial losing record and a top draft
pick next month in Columbus. There have been rumblings that the Rangers
might consider packaging Al Montoya, Petr Prucha and a pick/prospect for the
Yotes' spot, which could turn into Kyle Turris or Pat Kane. Neither will be
Sidney Crosby, but the talent thins out after No. 7, supposedly. Makes some
sense. "


DraftBuzz Commentary: The New York Rangers are starving for an
elite young forward, either through the draft or trade, and do have assets to
burn as Zipay notes. Henrik Lundqvist has stolen NY's heart, and the
organization may be best off utilizing Montoya as a valuable trade chip. Prucha
is a young forward who has put up good numbers, and "has more guts than a
slaughterhouse," according to Head Coach Tom Renney, but he is not
irreplaceable. Phoenix has some good young stars on the horizon such as the
slick Peter Mueller, towering Martin Hanzal, and high potential Blake Wheeler,
and could stand add more advanced youth such as Prucha and Montoya. However,
some in CoyoteLand still cite the need for another gamebreaking forward
prospect, so they could be just as content standing pat. In all, this is a
"rumbling" with wobbly legs to begin with, but it's great opportunity to
prospect potential avenues for deals on June 22nd.

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